Wirral Show 2009

Saturday 11 July and Sunday 12 see this year’s Wirral Show come to New Brighton’s Dips.

Highlights this year include the Musical Ride of the Merseyside Police, the Yakovlevs Aerial Display Team and the Royal Artillery Parachute Team.

Rumour has it that the Airbus A380 may make another appearance this year.

Also present will be the largest mobile climbing wall, operated by the Royal Marines.

More details are available at www.wirralshow.com


A Call To Arms!

The Wirral Show has been and gone, Nautical has set sail, Tiger burned bright at the Open, but there’s still much more to come in Wirral this summer!

I have some photos of the Show (mainly the Household Cavalry) that will be uploaded and posted just as soon as I bother myself to de-phone them. But I need some help from our readership (And a big thankyou to all those who have helped this blog jump to more than 500 hits in the last two weeks, it’s a great start!).

I can post up the information to any event I hear about, but I don’t get to hear about absolutely everything! If you know of an event or a happening in Wirral, from a church fete to the Queen dropping round for tea, please, please, tell us. Drop a mail to leftbank@nerdshack.com or comment on the Contact Us page above.

Reviews of events and coments on local affairs are also welcome, to the above email address. In particular, I’m looking for your thoughts on this weekend’s Show, for a review that will be posted when the photographs are uploaded.

This blog can be a great way of getting news of your event out to the world, feel free to use and abuse us.


New Brighton Is The Place To Be This Weekend!

Despite the planning knockback, there’s still plenty to do in New Brighton this weekend.

Nautical sets sail on Saturday night (5th August). I’m reliably informed that they’ll be selling tickets again tonight in Wallasey’s Lightouse pub. Look out for the big, silver Nautical shield, apparantly.

Also, Saturday and Sunday see the 30th anniversary Wirral Show on The Dips. This year, the Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry are the star attractions. If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, get down there. Also on show are the Black Knights parachute display team, the Royal Signals’ White Helmets motorcycle display team and the West Lancs Dogs Team, amongst a whole host of other treats. There’s also a massive funfair, the local radio stations will be on hand, and there’s always a large beer tent for the parched.

It may also be worth getting down to the site on Friday evening, you may get a go on the fair and see the Household Cavalry watering their horses in the sea.

If you know of anything we should be featuring, or have something to tell us, email us at leftbank@nerdshack.com

Wirral Show Schedule

So the big attractions for Saturday and Sunday’s Wirral Show are the Household Cavalry and the White Helmets motorcycle display team. Here’s the full arena programme (From Wirral‘s website):

Arena Programme for Saturday 5th August 2006
11.30 Terry Large Falcon display
11.55 Joseph’s Amazing Camels
12.40 Tom and Tilly (novelty act)
13.15 Black Knights parachute display Team
13.30 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
14.10 West Lancs Dogs Team
14.35 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
15.10 Terry Large Falcon display
15.25 Joseph’s Amazing Camels
15.55 Hawk Aircarft Display
16.10 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
16.50 West Lancs Dog Team
17.00 Tom and Tilly
17.15 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
17.50 West Lancs Dogs Team

Arena Programme for Sunday 6th August 2006
12.00 Terry Large Falcon display
12.30 West Lancs Dogs Team
13.15 Black Knights parachute display Team
13.40 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
14.00 West Lancs Dogs Team
14.40 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
15.15 Terry Large Falcon display
16.00 Hawk Aircraft display
16.20 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
16.50 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry

The show is on the Dips at New Brighton on Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of August.