Welcome to Wirral Waters!

Peel Holdings, owners of the MDHC, have finally revealed their masterplan for Birkenhead’s dockland. The plans are to be “the biggest regeneration scheme in the UK” and will give this area a skyline to rival any city in the world.

The plans include:

  • A Retail and Leisure quarter at Bidston Moss
  • Mixed use (residential and business) developments around the East Float and Vittoria Dock
  • Port employment would continue at the West Float and Twelve Quays
  • Around 25,000 new residents
  • Around 27,000 new jobs (!)
  • £4.5b worth of investment
  • 50 Storey+ buildings

The scheme will come to fruition over the next 30 years, but wil first need to pass a public inquiry, due to the sheer size of the plan. For the sake of the area, we can only hope it passes. Another plan like this will never come along.

The masterplan can be found here.

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    Hello, Sailor…

    If maritime history is your thing, then get down to Wallasey Town Hall in the next fortnight to peruse retired Merchant Navy man, Gordon Sykes-Little’s cap badge collection.

    The collection contains more than 120 badges, with many from companies that no longer exist, spanning from the early 1900’s, through to 2000 and includes badges from the White Star Line, amongst others. The exhibition was opened by former QEII captain, and Meols resident, R.A. Woodall.

    Billy’s Smart Circus

    The world renowned Billy Smart’s Circus rolls into New Brighton’s Kings Parade for a week from Thursday, August 31 until Wednesday, September 6.

    With two shows a day except for the opening and closing days, everyone who wants to see this fantastic show should be able to. Prices start from £10 for kids and £12 for adults, but half price vouchers seem to be in every shop around (in Birkenhead, at least). It’s a brand new show for 2006, and it’s completely, 100% human – so no animals to worry about. For tickets, phone 0870 444 1505.

    New Brighton Is The Place To Be This Weekend!

    Despite the planning knockback, there’s still plenty to do in New Brighton this weekend.

    Nautical sets sail on Saturday night (5th August). I’m reliably informed that they’ll be selling tickets again tonight in Wallasey’s Lightouse pub. Look out for the big, silver Nautical shield, apparantly.

    Also, Saturday and Sunday see the 30th anniversary Wirral Show on The Dips. This year, the Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry are the star attractions. If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, get down there. Also on show are the Black Knights parachute display team, the Royal Signals’ White Helmets motorcycle display team and the West Lancs Dogs Team, amongst a whole host of other treats. There’s also a massive funfair, the local radio stations will be on hand, and there’s always a large beer tent for the parched.

    It may also be worth getting down to the site on Friday evening, you may get a go on the fair and see the Household Cavalry watering their horses in the sea.

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    New Brighton Scheme Rejected

    The Government have thrown out Neptune’s controversial scheme for New Brighton’s regeneration.

    While it’s all well and good arguing the toss about heritage and NIMBYism (and there’ll be plenty of that to come…), what needs to happen now is for all sides to sit down and find a proposal that will work for the resort.
    As it is, New Brighton is a great example of a dead resort. Nothing that is there at the moment will draw people from outside the area to it as happened before.

    Our neighbours are in the midst of their biggest period of building and growth since the war, we need the same. The emphasis there is on need.

    Please, Wirral Borough Council and neptune, dust yourself down and get back to the drawing board.

    Wirral Show Schedule

    So the big attractions for Saturday and Sunday’s Wirral Show are the Household Cavalry and the White Helmets motorcycle display team. Here’s the full arena programme (From Wirral‘s website):

    Arena Programme for Saturday 5th August 2006
    11.30 Terry Large Falcon display
    11.55 Joseph’s Amazing Camels
    12.40 Tom and Tilly (novelty act)
    13.15 Black Knights parachute display Team
    13.30 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
    14.10 West Lancs Dogs Team
    14.35 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
    15.10 Terry Large Falcon display
    15.25 Joseph’s Amazing Camels
    15.55 Hawk Aircarft Display
    16.10 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
    16.50 West Lancs Dog Team
    17.00 Tom and Tilly
    17.15 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
    17.50 West Lancs Dogs Team

    Arena Programme for Sunday 6th August 2006
    12.00 Terry Large Falcon display
    12.30 West Lancs Dogs Team
    13.15 Black Knights parachute display Team
    13.40 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
    14.00 West Lancs Dogs Team
    14.40 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
    15.15 Terry Large Falcon display
    16.00 Hawk Aircraft display
    16.20 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
    16.50 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry

    The show is on the Dips at New Brighton on Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of August.

    First Homes Go At East Float Mills

    From the Wirral Globe:

    THE SPECTACULAR £19m restoration of East Float Mill at Wallasey had potential buyers camping out through the night to secure their new home.

    A queue stretching more than 100 metres formed ahead of the official launch of the first phase of the landmark development by leading developer Gregor Shore and resulted in half of the 53 apartments, worth nearly £4m, being snapped up on the evening.

    First to buy was Jack Dutton-Roberts, 19, of Birkenhead. He said: “I arrived here at 11am the previous day to make sure I was at the front of the queue.