Lungs of the Mersey…

BBC News Online have been highlighting traditional seaside resorts in recent weeks. Last Saturday was the turn of New Brighton, and it’s actually pretty favourable…

Australian Bob Williams, 51, has returned to the town for the first time since leaving it 32 years ago.

He said: “I’m really impressed with the place, how clean it is, the lack of graffiti and it’s safe to be walking round. My parents emigrated because they didn’t like the atmosphere.

“But I can see now it has a lot of potential and I don’t think people realise what they have here. It’s wonderful walking along here with no cars. We don’t want to go home.”

Check out the comments for people’s memories and see what this area needs to recapture.

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Hello, Sailor…

If maritime history is your thing, then get down to Wallasey Town Hall in the next fortnight to peruse retired Merchant Navy man, Gordon Sykes-Little’s cap badge collection.

The collection contains more than 120 badges, with many from companies that no longer exist, spanning from the early 1900’s, through to 2000 and includes badges from the White Star Line, amongst others. The exhibition was opened by former QEII captain, and Meols resident, R.A. Woodall.

Saving Lairds

News came out this week that Northwestern Shiprepairers are bidding to purchase the Cammell Laird name and trademark. Cammell Laird’s administrators, KPMG, are auctioning off the assets to the highest bidder, and everyone with an interest in the company can only hope that Northwestern, who occupy and work from the northern end of the Lairds site, are successful. Good luck to them.