Welcome to Wirral Waters!

Peel Holdings, owners of the MDHC, have finally revealed their masterplan for Birkenhead’s dockland. The plans are to be “the biggest regeneration scheme in the UK” and will give this area a skyline to rival any city in the world.

The plans include:

  • A Retail and Leisure quarter at Bidston Moss
  • Mixed use (residential and business) developments around the East Float and Vittoria Dock
  • Port employment would continue at the West Float and Twelve Quays
  • Around 25,000 new residents
  • Around 27,000 new jobs (!)
  • £4.5b worth of investment
  • 50 Storey+ buildings

The scheme will come to fruition over the next 30 years, but wil first need to pass a public inquiry, due to the sheer size of the plan. For the sake of the area, we can only hope it passes. Another plan like this will never come along.

The masterplan can be found here.

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    First Homes Go At East Float Mills

    From the Wirral Globe:

    THE SPECTACULAR £19m restoration of East Float Mill at Wallasey had potential buyers camping out through the night to secure their new home.

    A queue stretching more than 100 metres formed ahead of the official launch of the first phase of the landmark development by leading developer Gregor Shore and resulted in half of the 53 apartments, worth nearly £4m, being snapped up on the evening.

    First to buy was Jack Dutton-Roberts, 19, of Birkenhead. He said: “I arrived here at 11am the previous day to make sure I was at the front of the queue.

    160 new flats for East Float Mills

    Plans have been submitted for a 19 storey residential tower at East Float Mills on Wallasey’s Dock Road. The new building would hold 160 flats.

    This area seriously needs investment of this kind, a 19 storey tower can only be the start. With some bars and restaurants added, along with some office space, Wirral’s dock system could undergo the kind of regeneration currently being enjoyed by our neighbours across the river.

    We’ll keep you updated on the plans.