Welcome to Wirral Waters!

Peel Holdings, owners of the MDHC, have finally revealed their masterplan for Birkenhead’s dockland. The plans are to be “the biggest regeneration scheme in the UK” and will give this area a skyline to rival any city in the world.

The plans include:

  • A Retail and Leisure quarter at Bidston Moss
  • Mixed use (residential and business) developments around the East Float and Vittoria Dock
  • Port employment would continue at the West Float and Twelve Quays
  • Around 25,000 new residents
  • Around 27,000 new jobs (!)
  • £4.5b worth of investment
  • 50 Storey+ buildings

The scheme will come to fruition over the next 30 years, but wil first need to pass a public inquiry, due to the sheer size of the plan. For the sake of the area, we can only hope it passes. Another plan like this will never come along.

The masterplan can be found here.

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    5 Responses

    1. Beware of land by stealth by Peel Holdings. Their attempts at filling in West Waterloo Dock by pulling the strings of British Waterways is quite clear.

      On the Wirral, Morpeth Branch Dock, Bidston Dock, Bidston Graving docks, Wallasey Dock and Brombrorogh Dock have all slowly, without many noticing, beeen filled in over the past 15 years or so. This amounts to a very large loss of water space indeed. The water spaces lost on both sides of the Mersey amounts to more than what is in Venice. A great potential squandered.

      The line must be drawn on both side of the river and no more water spaces infilled. In fact the reverse should be done – excavating and quality developments built around the water.

      Look at:

      This will fill you in.

    2. “A skyline to rival any city in the world” – what a nightmare. You just need to look across the water to see how truly montrous high-rise building have now destroyed the Liverpool skyline. Also, considering the thousands of empty (unsold) flats in Liverpool centre, who in their right mind would want to live in Birkenhead docks, which should be left to its useful function as a working port.

    3. I totaly disagree with you about leaving B/head docks as they are.
      I lived in Wirral all my life and have sailed out of B/head when in the merchany navy the place is finished.
      I would welcome any new development to the regions espesially a theme on Dhubai, I have also worked in Dhubai and with buildings of that calibre and the right management to drive investment into the area It would be a great achivement for not only Birkenhead but the North West Region as a whole.
      Please lets get away from London and make the North West the new capital of the North.
      Barry Brown.

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