Billy’s Smart Circus

The world renowned Billy Smart’s Circus rolls into New Brighton’s Kings Parade for a week from Thursday, August 31 until Wednesday, September 6.

With two shows a day except for the opening and closing days, everyone who wants to see this fantastic show should be able to. Prices start from £10 for kids and £12 for adults, but half price vouchers seem to be in every shop around (in Birkenhead, at least). It’s a brand new show for 2006, and it’s completely, 100% human – so no animals to worry about. For tickets, phone 0870 444 1505.


4 Responses

  1. which shops have the half price vouchers>

  2. I think you’d be hard pressed to find any left now. All of the shops displaying posters were given a stack of the vouchers to go near the till, but most wil have run out. You’re best to ask around, to see if anywhere has any left.

  3. Tower Stores on Seabank Rd had vouchers by the till today sunday

  4. u was {fantastic} u really was hope to see u nexzt time when u come down to peterborough so just to say it was brilliant and i cant wait till next rime and i loved all of u but my best one was chico he was good so thank u for comeing cant wait till next rime bye bye bye bye

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