Joytime Memories

While looking through the blog’s stats the other day, I noticed someone had arrived here via a search for “Joytime Wirral”. So I did a search, which revealed precious little information. Some information follows:

Started in 1953 by Norman Trafford and his wife, Dorothy Carr (later known as Aunty Dorothy and Uncle Norman), Joytime ran for 45 years, becoming the longest running childrens show of it’s kind. One of the main features of the show was the talent contest, which spawned hoardes of kids almost rushing the stage every day for their five minutes of fame. The winner of each day’s contest went on to the final on Friday, with Friday’s winner going on the the Grand Final at New Brighton’s Floral Pavillion at the end of the summer.

Along the years, Joytime started off many stars, including Keith Chegwin, Janice Long and Sonia as well as thousands of children who just had a fun time, such as my brother and I with our rendition of both the Neighbours theme tune and Rolf Harris’ Two Little Boys. We never got to the final.

Aunty Dorothy continued with the show until ill health forced her to stop in 1997, winning the British Empire Medal in 1992. She passed away in 1998. The show continues to this day as “Summer Sensations”, still on Vale Park’s bandstand.

If you have any memories of the show or information on it’s history, please comment on this post. This is a fantastic bit of Wirral’s history, which brought joy to thousands of children over the years, and needs to be documented.


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  1. I have many happy memories of Joytime, every day was spent at Vale Park during the summer holidays.

    At the Grand final a Trophy was awarded and was called the Ken Dodd Trophy, which Ken himself donated.

    Auntie Dorothy and Uncle Norman, did a fantastic job, they had the patience of Saints. They always has smiles on their faces and were wonderful with us all. Us kids used to really look forward to the summer weeks and Joytime.

    Not only did they have the talent contest, but there was the Joytime Princess as well. I still have today, displayed in my mothers trinket cabinet a small trophy for coming third in this competition.
    Happy Days

    52 year old previous Joytime contestant.

    • i knew norman well years ago and she gave him a dogs life. it sickens me all these comments on here about how nice dorothy was. in truth she was a vulgar women in private with a foul mouth. i also used to know another friend of hers anne scarfe who used to joke about her B.E.M. meant big evil monster

      • i didnt know that “sonia” had performed at joytime what a horrible pretentious brat she is if id have known that i would have willingly took a couple of boxes of rotten tomatos from forbers in viccy rd and pelted the horrible gushy little ginger bitch

      • I am Dorothy’s grandaughter, and upon reading your post and how hateful it is, and may be to some family members who may have fond memories of our dearly departed family member, it sounds like you may be the vulgar one who has a bitter heart .

    • ha ha ha the “ken dodd” trophy what did it look like a sack of money with please dont tell the tax man written on it

    • did you know when dodd was avoiding paying tax they found £700.000 under the stairs. and another £300.000 behind his front teeth

    • many moons ago when i was a builder in wallasey i used to drink in the nags and the ginney. i knew norman quite well a smashing fella. on friday he would always bring dorothy out with him and believe you me she would tell some filthy jokes very funny you wouldnt get away with them now. i can only presume that away from all the “goody goody falseness” of vale park dot used to like being “one of the boys” but still they were a nice couple. i dont know what happened to andy trafford wonder if hes still about ?

      • Yes norman and Dorothy liked a good time. Let’s face it handling the joytime show wasn’t easy. Six days a week two shows a day .

      • why wasnt it easy knowall?

      • six shows a week two hours a day and you think this is hard…get real you stupid tosser

    • i remember at 13 years old singing love letters in the sand, on joytime and winning the heat [box of chocs] 1958 vale park. however when i got to final at floral pavillion a while later , nervous as hell and due to my voice breaking, so for embarrassing moments in my life there are few to compare, ah. childhood memories.
      tony garnett

      • Norman did not do 2 hours per day he was a full time postman working six days a week at that time starting at 5.30 each morning, please apologise. Annoyed at your remarks.
        JB Warrington

    • I am also 52, and went to Joytime from 1970-73. I would go everyday with my friends from Stringhey Road area of Wallasey, Michelle Norton and we would take her little sister Ann-Marie, we would also be with Gillian Leadbetter.
      Does anyone remember Karen Wong? member of the Joytime ‘cast”.
      I thoroughly enjoyed the show and entered in various competitions, and in 1986 I went again for ‘old times sake” and entered my then 2 year old son in the ‘bonny baby competition and again in 1989 and he was then 5 and sang. He got into the grand final in both competitions.
      Dot had remembered me from my time there in my youth.

    • How the hell is this clown Aaron running it he is totally useless along with that fat ginger thing who pulls stupid faces trying to be a funny guy, the kids of Wirral deserve better than this Wirral boro council never mind giving money to asylum seeking scroungers give the Wirral kids a treat and spend a few bob on it get a -[proper entertainer in not some jumped up amateur photographer , who is clueless and seems to delight in taking selfies of his big fat moon face….bring back the real joy time

  2. I actually sang on Joytime in the late 60s and early 70s. One of my brothers made it to the ‘civic hall.’

    I remember Keith Chegwin and his brother in those days. (Not sure what happend to his brother).

    Where did and Norman and Dorothy’s son Andrew get to?

    Many memories of those days.

    • Remember doing my Tarzan inpressions and failing!!

    • i think he was jailed

      • Andy was ‘jailed’ temporarily at Kirkham. I can’t remember what for.
        I went out with Andy in 1973 , again in 1977 and briefly in the 1980’s.
        He was working in Tandy’s in St John’s Precinct, Liverpool, I lost touch with him after his Kirkham stint , I now live in NewZealand with my husband. I went to Joytime in the 70’s.

    • wowee the civic hall this is too much how did he get on in hollywood ?

    • andrew moved out the area a while back i think he couldnt handle the pressure of being sent down for fraud and deception he wasnt a bad lad bit greedy but frauds fraud

    • a lot of people keep quiet about andy as he went to jail for doing something really nasty…fraud i believe it was gerard….lets just say he didnt have a joytime in hotel walton

    • hi gerard for your information andrew went to HOTEL WALTON for fraud i believe if only he had danced on the stage in vale park. he could have been up there with the likes of nigel lythgo j is for jail off you go ha ha ha ha

    • oh my god the “civic hall” come on then tell us how he wasted his talent and is now a bin man living just off laird street

  3. I personally have no memories of the old joytime all i can reveal is that this show is being given its original name of joytime again!
    about time im sure some will say!
    it has been 3 succesful years as summer sensations but now i think is the time for it to be called joytime again

    by the way im the host of the show for the last 3 years and for the foreseeable future…
    happy christmas

    • hi aaron i think you have ruined it you are a poor host you are very wooden on stage and you dont seem to comunicate with the kids. it seems to me you think the show is more about you than local talent this is wrong it hurts me to say this as am your friend. but you are out of your depth sometimes aaron you have to be cruel to be kind. dont get upset your just not very good i think you should now fall on your sword azzz

    • hi aaron have to agree with ian your shite maybe you should try wearing a flowery dress and telling lies about these so called “big stars” you have discovered must say i saw you a few years back and i was shocked because i remember you when you was a binman and to be honest your RUBBISH

    • I think that Aaron has done a wonderful job with Joytime, the children love it and it gives people great opportunities, having a crew that the children see on a day to day basis not only during the summer but also during school time makes it great, maybe people should attend it more than they say they do, because it really is a great place to be!

      • what rubbish aaron is a poor host its on its last legs the council will bin it soon aaron will be ok working in the k.f.c.

  4. I am Aunty Dorothy’s grandaughter. I have many lovely memories of joytime and my grandparents. I used to fly in from America and visit and even sang when I was 6 years old. I went on to the Floral Pavillion.

    • Can you tell me whatever happened to Aunty Dorothy’s son Andrew?

      • he deffo went to jail he thought he was a tough guy rugby player in truth he was a spineless wimp

      • he was jailed

      • as he was known in the rugby club…fraud-boy

      • yes angie andy went to jail for a very very serious fraud 6 years i heard he got he WAS not led astray i think he left the area after he got out for the shame he brought on one of wirrals national treasures . when you think about it isnt it a shame he never took up tap-dancing on the vale park stage he could have been wirrals own “micheal flatley”performing his own version of robber dance

      • He went to prison for one year only and no he didnt leave the wirral because of it …He left because he had just got married and found a good job out of the area

    • so what

      • Andrew spent a small amount of time in jail for fraud ….he was and I assume still is a wonderful person that got involved with a conman that lead him in the wrong direct ….we all do crazy things whe we are young he was easily lead at that time and I am unhappy to see such hurtful comments for people mthat didnt knoe the whole story

      • stop making out andy boy was innocent and led astray if thats the case why was he jailed for fraud it seems the “luvvy” type deludeds who post on here dont like the truth while i accept joytime holds good memories for people am sick of some of the rubbish posted on here

    • and ?

    • hi karen i think i remember you hate to say it you was awful and all the other parents said you only got thru coz of dear aunty d things like that stick long in the memory

      • Hey Dummy** Not only is your grammar that of a 9 year old..but your vicious comments are that of a total failure in life.

      • Thank you for your well written and grammatically perfect statement! At the time of my singing at Joytime I was 6 years old. Enough said.

    • hi karen i remember you singing as soon as you opened your gob hundreds of birds flew out the trees thinking it was a psycho pussy cat coming to get them……..stick to eating hot dogs its all you lot are good for

      • Let me get this straight. You knew Karen so that makes you a relatively mature individual, albeit in age only. You allegedly watched a 6 year old sing and you were so repulsed that the memory of it affects you to this day and you therefore harbor resentment towards her and people who eat hot dogs instead of your increasingly popular Halal fare. How’s that free psychiatric treatment working for you over there?

  5. I was a regular dancer on joytime part of the christine keen group of young dancers and i also danced solo “THE STAR OF THE SHOW” as auntie dot used to call me . my summers at joytime were fantastic… school term couldn’t finish quick enough. auntie dorothy was a lovely lady and made everyone enjoy their time there.. i also remember steve the ice cream man (what ever happened to him??) and i remember a girl called gelinda came to watch the show every day (now that’s what i call committment) I am nearly 40 now but my summers at joytime will always stay with me and i will cherish the memories forever…

    • helen she used to call everyone the star of the show and if you was such a big star what are you doing now working in mcdonalds or something dream on you silly foolish women

      • I am not to sure who you are but you are not a nice person , such hateful comments …..Helen was a very talented little girl and very very pretty and I should know I was her dancing teacher and as far as I was concerned she and her troupe were the stars of the show

  6. Helen Green! Think I used to go to school with you!
    Anyway, can anybody remember the song that everyone used to sing at the end of joytime?? I can’t for the life of me remember it.

    I can remember the stripy deckchairs pretty vividly.

    • poor jonny never had a girlfriend

    • the “troupe” were the stars of the show for christs sake it was a little summer talent contest in a local park and you lot are making out that dear aunty dot was the first “simon cowell”. while it was fun am sick of reading gushy comments on here and muck from no-marks like lynne fisher who was probably the reserve singer on a cross channel ferry or something. anyway bill and ben the flower pot men were better than dorothy and norman……at least they didnt fart on stage

      • If you don’t like reading it then don’t. Too simple a solution for you? Then FOAD.

  7. J is for joytime all happy and gay O is for our friends we meet everyday Y is for you and its your show you know T is for trafford the boss of the show I is for interval ice cream and tea M is for music we must have melody E is for everyone to have a goodtime and thats how you spell JOYTIME. my god, its 37 years since i sang that my names frank O Brien and in 1970 i was asked by norman traford and his wife dorothy if i would like to do a summer season with them at valepark at the time i was a member of the hilda fallon road show in liverpool and was appearing at a social club that norman run other members of the hilda fallon road show where janice keith and jeff chegwin and everyday together we would take the ferry cross the mersey to do the show and what a great time we had doing it, i will never forget we got 15 pounds a week, what a lot that was then lol met some great people there and will never forget my time there would just like to add in my opinion jancie chegwin now janice long should have been one of the greatstars of this country a great singer dancer and actress she had it all best wishes to all

    • wow, i still rememer that song …funny how fun things always stay in your memory. My mum and dad owned The Melody Inn club in Wallasey village, remember that??

      • yes it was closed down by the enviromental health department many moons ago

      • freddie and the dreamers played there once the owners were horrible the women was a right dragon

      • shut down by the health people oh deary me coming on here showing off about the poxy melody club now do one whopper

    • another wannabee who done nothing with his life

    • well frank if you think janice chegwin should have been a big star then it sounds like you have had too much L.S.D. when you was at woodstock

    • didnt she hit the bottle when no-one recognised her talents frank

    • i remember norman he was a postman many years ago what a lazy man he was he used to say to the men bring your kids down an i will make them famous it never happened though

      • There are a few people that became famous from joytime. Apparently your kids were not talented enough to get ANYWHERE!!! Furthermore, Norman was a postman who did 2 jobs. Lazy??I don’t think so. Look up the awards MR TRAFFORD won due to his hard work with his big band, besides working as a postman. He was also one of the DESERT RATS Of wwII fame. Gee Mr Peter Maffin,,,I wonder if you have any achievments in life?? I doubt it.

    • frank obrien what a pathetic prick you sound if you think the chegwins had talent you probably get a hard on over a “mr kipling” apple pie. now do us all a favour frank go and chuck yourself in the mersey before you do fwank e-mail me will you at

    • I remember being a Joytimer! £15.00 per week, still have many fond memories of dancing at that bandstand!

  8. hi my name is nadine i was reaaly youn when joytime was on but as frank said the words i do get flash backs joytime was the best!

  9. what about aunty sarah and jimmy green, they made us all laugh.

  10. I often think of my Gran (aunty dot) and feel that all I have to do is pick up the phone and call her to say hello. Such was my relationship with her for many years. I have her picture next to my computer. She is dressed in a lovely flowery dress and she is smiling in the sunshine outside her house. My mother mentioned that Simon Fuller was on Joytime when he was young and perhaps this contributed to his creativity. Andrew, wherever you are, I hope you and your family are well. Best of luck to you all.


    • she used to fart quite a lot in that flowery dress

    • nicholas take no notice of your mother simon fuller has never been on joytime its complete fantasy and make believe joytime was just a small time show in a local park they had these local talent contests all over britain. mums bluffing there nic to make herself look good. what next simon cowell was dorothys window cleaner this nonsense must stop

      • CORRECT mr/ms anonymous….Simon Fuller was never on JOYTIME. But NIGEL LYTHGO WAS!!! DO you happen to know who Mr Lythgo is????Nicholas made an error, regarding the name..But NIGEL danced on JOYTIME…!!!! .. Furthermore, your grammar suggests you are a very ignorant and illiterate person. It must have taken you 5hours to write this statement on your computer. YOU apparently have nothing else to do but write vicious things about EVERYONE. Your illiteracy is apparent in several of these comments. whew…get a life!!

      • I stand corrected. Nigel, Ian, Simon, Poopsie, Faygala, Sir Egbert of Frothingslosh-Upon-Avon, I get a little confused with the names over there in Usedtobegreat Britain. Now your most common names are Muhammed, Faisal, Ali, Malfore, and Harry Potty. I don’t really care who was on Joytime. People had fun, that’s all that counts.

    • THe famous SUPERSTAR THAT WAS on JOY TIME WAS NIGEL LYTHGO, who produces American IDOL,,, HOW big can you get from your start on JOYTIME. ??

      • as big as dots fat arse

      • nigel lythgo a superstar ffs you couldnt make this shite up. nasty nigel done a bit of ballet dancing in vale park and fat dot made him a superstar. do one dickhead. and by the way dont tell me about english you horrible thick fat yank shithouse its our language

      • its quite obvious mike your a retard american idol is shit like x-factor. strictly. these shows are made for mongs like you and most of the deluded wannabees who post on here. and by the way dont ever tell us about OUR LANGUAGE now run along “dummy” havent you got a couple of super sized hot dogs to shove down your obese throat you stupid gimp….. ps. joytime was shite

      • hi nigel is my uncle and i can tell you now he has NEVER appeared on joytime. seems to me people are just making things up on here to suit themselves.

      • Take Julie Spillings word for it, she will know being family. I can agree with her, Nigel didn’t appear in Joytime, his class of dance was far above this, not knocking Joytime, as it was wonderful, but Nigel was a superb dancer who attended the Hylton Bromley school of dance, I know because I was there at the same time as him. It was obvious then that he had the talent to go on to greater things. Well Done Nigel.

      • It is the like’s of you that make us embarrased to be British!! Why don’t you keep your comments to yourself!! Go away and learn how to be a nice person instead of the obnoxious one that you are!! It is obvious you are educated….NOT!!!!

      • I am sorry but Nigel did appear on Joytime with me. Nigel mum and my mum were friends and we use to do old age pensioners shows together ..and yes your right he didnt go to Joytime after he started going to Hilton Bromleys but before that, he went to the Perry Cowell Dancing school were he met Jeremy Robinson (they both went on to dance with the Younger Generation) … Nigels sang Hey Little Devil and he worn a white tea shirt and trousures … Not into making things up … I know because I was there.

    • lies lies lies good god what horrible gushy comments are getting posted on here. your mummy is telling you lies nickyboy next thing you know elvis presley will have been “discovered” in vale park by st.dorothy of fartyflowerdress as for that spastic mike telling people norman had his own band he stood there pissed blowing a trumpet them africans in the world cup played the vuvazoolas much better. next time mummy tells you a cracker nickyboy just humour the old dear she is just getting confused like most old-folk do

  11. I too have fond memories of Joytime. I started going there in 1958 and continued virtually everyday until 1970 when I won the Senior Talent and the Ken Dodd Trophy. I had various 2nd and 3rd prizes through the years. I used to love Auntie Sarah and Jimmy Green and I have many photos of “The Gang”.
    Does anyone remember the clock made out of flowers in the park. It was on the slope in front of the cafe where we used to go during the interval for our ice creams. I have vivid memories of the scenery with the two arched doorways leading off stage and Uncle Norman who always sat sideways at the piano trying to hear some little girl or boy desperately trying to find the right key for them.
    Auntie Dot was always immaculately dressed and a lovely lady and they both hold a special place in my heart. I remember being at Auntie Dot’s house and meeting Jeanette and their grandchildren, so I suppose that could have been you Nicholas or Karen. Sorry I don’t remember but it was a long time ago. Do you remember that HUGE table lamp she had on the piano in the front window ? Funny how certain things stick in your mind isn’t it?

    I went on into show business and I can honestly say it is all thanks to Joytime giving me confidence, stage presence and a “good grounding” that I made a success of my chosen career.
    Wonderful memories !!!

    • another deluded wannabee i have never heard of lynne fisher but as you say youve made it big…..what do you do clean the toilets in the empire theatre or something

      • what a twat you sound

      • Mr anonymous. Im wondering how you learned how to spell ‘ANONYMOUS”? what an evil, dumb, illiterate jerk you are with nothing else to do. I hope the authors of this page ELIMINATE YOUR bum bum from this entire article. ITS tiring.

    • was you the lynne fisher that played “father xmas” in in birkenhead every year ?

    • what a horrible arrogant women this lynne fisher sounds “stage presence” “good grounding” and “success in my chosen career ” pure utter delusion lets face it she couldnt have been that good going there all them years. old dot probably got fed up with her “stage presence” and booted the stupid deluded kid off stage this is the problem with these old joytime pensioners now coming on here thinking they have made it big. just listen to that idiot f.obrien who thinks janice chegwin was talented and that fool who said dot had simon fuller on joytime …………the lot of them are nothing but stupid deluded no-marks

      • Why bother trying to belittle somebodys childhood memories of a kids talent contest. Why are you so bitter? Is it because you longed to be up on that stage but never had the balls to do it haha

      • You obviously didn’t have a good childhood like some of the genuine posts on this site, so you knock those that did. You are sad and uneducated obviously. Why don’t you leave the people who have genuine happy memories, to share them. I know of Lynne Fisher and she could of made it in show business, I suggest you keep your comments to yourself and find a little dark cupboard to crawl into, and with a bit of luck, a sensible ADULT, will lock you in and throw away the key…..with a bit of luck!!


      • well “annoyed” you have just proved that lynne fisher is a worthless liar coz according to fisher she MADE it in showbusiness. yet you say she COULD of made it you hypocritical piece of shit. dont come on here with your silly luvvy attitude trying to be smart you horrible maggot. now get back to your blow up doll in your bedsit tramp

  12. My Mum , Aunt & Uncle attended Joytime throughout the summers for years. My brother, cousins and I followed tradition through the 70’s & 80’s. I took my little brother on stage for a bonny baby competition and we ended up at the floral when he won 🙂

    I loved singing the song, it signified the start of the school hols, playing on the Red Noses, the dips and the fort crabbing 🙂

    We used to take bags of frozen tip top drinks to see us throught the day 🙂

  13. I won the Joytime finals at the Civic Hall in 1965 playing the accordion & went on to become a proffesional pianist. I still thank God for Joytime & the grounding it gave me. All the hosts were wonderful.

    • “thank god for joytime” you really couldnt make this muck up

      • You almost completed a sentence without a mistake. But then I read it again. ILLITERATE!!!! Go to school dummy

    • and what “grounding” was that paul did it help you stack the shelves better in lidl or smile as your handing over happy meals to overweight slobs… stop acting silly boy paul i bet you was never even a grand finalist

  14. joytime still runs monday to friday at vale park during the summer holidays still pulling in hundreds of people per day
    with new things now to relate to todays youth

    as the host i get asked alot why we dont do bonny babies etc but in todays climate its a no go area!

    we have teddy bears picnics, fancy dress days, treasure hunts many other theme days and still bring in some outstanding talent for the talent part of the show!

    joytime still going strong

    such a shame no one really knows about it anymore

    • how can it be going strong if no one knows about it anymore it needs a big name to revive it not some jumped up little twerp who is on an ego trip…..come on wirral council spend some money get a big name in…keith chegwin would be ideal you would get him for buttons now as he isnt doing much and he would jog peoples memories and a bit of intrest in it so come on W.B.C. stop spending money on them tramps in laird street/north end…bring back the real joytime

  15. hi its me jennifer cliff-wilcock
    i am only 9 and i go to joytime i also do the talent show i have to say one thing about the talent show in 2004-2008 i have done it for four years now and i havnt got through so once i realy want to get trough to joy time so i want to say to the judge U DONT KNOW TALENT!!!! because i do loads of karokes in pubs at spain and in the uk!!! so aron hayes say to them put me trough today i have been crying for four years STAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i realy like u somtimes but why do u chose little kids al the time
    oh if u put me trough to the big final i will tell all my cusons my uncles and my mums and dad my bro and my ansesters even if they live in a different contry!!!!! from jenny p.s. joy time is a very good idea!

  17. this website is so fun for kids and if your perants say you can become a member do it you can buy evrything and non members can not!!!!!

  18. hey people who like joytime go on stage don’t be a scaredey cat go on that stage and show them what you are made of that is what i’ll do.

  19. Hello! I am 9 year’s old. You Tube is the best video site in the hole world! You can uploade your own stuff to! It is so esey to use! My friend says it is rubbish! But it’s not! Bye, I’ll report soon!

  20. to Aaron this is me jennifer plz can u post plz cus i want to atleast get a big shot at joy time on the big big stage plz cus i have tried really hard past these four years and i want to make in happen in 2008 so please make it happen!!!! plz!!!!!!!

  21. to Aaron i am just so exited!! please don’t contact me on Saturday Sunday and Monday i wont be in i will be at a wedding singing again so do not contact me on any of those days ok BY THE WAY I AM SO PROUD OF U !! THX FOR CHOSING ME!!!

    lots of love jennifer cw

  22. go Aaron go go Aaron

  23. hi Aaron i want to the grand final in the town hall New brighton i just cant wait!!! its going to be a hit! so if we are friends reply yes if not reply no by the way people who want to buy tickets they well i think they are on sale they are also 400p {£4} so buy buy them up!!!

    go go jenny!!!!!!!

  24. err Louise if u say that then u are a scardey cat cus u didnt even go there this summer even tough u live right next to the park at think joytime is lame so u cant say that if u dont go there thats why i go to get to the grand final!!!!!!!

  25. to aaron i am going to order tickets soon so save my front row seats for me and my family ok what time is it going to be?
    and also how do you get back stage for grand finalists?

    from jenny

  26. Wow theres lots of names there that I remember Lynne, Paul, Nick and Karen and little Helen … Hi everyone its been a long time
    …..I now live and work in California a long cry from the days spent playing in the Park …. So many memories I to wonder whats happened to Andrew … My maiden name was Christina Keen married name Christina Woods

    • Hi Christina!

      • Hi Karen
        nice to hear from you …

      • hi karen you have to admit this place is funny. i love that one about (farting in a flowery dress ) ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Sorry Karen that was not me that sent that message
        it is so sad that this site has been tained with such bad messages .. I wish that someone could filter them out.

      • wow theres some really funny stuff on here karen am loving it i can recall the time i was about to go on stage and fat dot let one of here raspy farts off it must have blown a hole in them big knickers she used to wear. even uncle norman cringed aaahhhh they was the days take care karen hope your well

    • hi christina no one quite knows what happened to andrew after he was sent to jail for fraud.its a pity he didnt do a bit of a jig on joytime and he would have become an “international superstar ” like “nasty” nigel lythgo instead he probably sells the big issue outside euston station

  27. Hi Everyone especially Christina keen (woods) I worked on Joytime in the 70’s in many areas, deck chair attendent, ice cream seller, the ghost in ‘It’s behind you’ and lived above the cafe in the park. They were grat summer holidays. Christina I still have a photo of you but not sure if you remember me. Keith Chegwin and I were good friends but once he left the show and then became a star, well one thing leads to another and he never mentins he starting out on Joytime. oh Happy days.

  28. good one steve i cant wait until the grand final this year it is gonna be such fun but i have been at joytime for a long time aswell.but i will like to say meet you all there !!

  29. hi this is jennifer cw to tell u that cristina won 2 years in a row witch is not quite fair really so

  30. happy new year!!

  31. hi all, i have great memories of joytime, i started off entering the competions each summer, then went on to being a joytimer with my sisters julie and jenny, i got paid for having so much fun……my fav song used to be me and my teddy bear, and all the kids would come on stage with thier teddys and at the end get to choose a sweet……oh and i miss my free ice creams that we got in the interval……rip aunty dorothy xx ps does anyone remember aunty dorothys friend betty xxx

    • i think bettys real name was cyril

    • betty is my mums name was a good friend of dorothy,s im just trying to show how to use compter she is nearly a healty 90 years old

      • remember that song by paul simon “da da da da you can call me betty a will call you cyril da da da da”

    • I remember Betty still get a Xmas card from her. When last in wallasey took her to the new version of Joytime . She was a wonderful friend of auntie Dorothy and brought a lot of sweets for the children.didn’t like new show.

      • if she didnt like the show she should have pelted the little twerp with some of the sweets she had maybe then he will understand if the likes of betty cyril doesnt like the show he should pack in

    • You were a Joytimer!
      Me too!
      Where are you now?

  32. Not to sure who you are anonymous but if you are so right then put a name to your statements ……sickco

  33. You couldn’t beat Joytime in the summer holidays it was fab….I spent almost everyday there and loved every second. I remember you Steve Davies, always hanging out of your window (top window gable end of the building facing the prom) and chatting up the girls…….Do you remember the huge rabbit at the bottom of your metal staircase, I used to look after that with Stella Dawson.

    Anonymous, why dont u identify yourself. Your obviously a RETARD who is too ashamed of your personality to come clean….coward.

    • sandra ” no knickers ” are you still with that drunken bum

    • look sandra i know your a bit frustrated but everything posted on here is true. norman used to go the the nags head most days to get away from dot he used to joke ” a pint in the nag forget about the hag ” as for andy he was a criminal who deserved to be jailed. i know joytime was a bit of fun in years gone by but it makes me cringe when no-marks like lynne fisher come on here along with yourself and talk like you have won x-factor now grow up you stupid deluded woman… is that the stella dawson they used to sing to “stella stella looks like a fella”

      • The fact here is that there are several people messing with this site but the one mentioning the Nags head is the most scary as some of your comments through out this site are basically correct but only people that really knew the Trafford could know that … therefore the shock of this is that you either have parents that have discussed this with you and knew them or your a much older and was part of there immediate friends if the latter then I feel sorry for you as you must be in your 60s + Interesting…. please keep on commenting as one day you will let something out that only a few people know and I will be waiting to have the pleasure of say your name …

  34. Hi, I was looking through some old cine film the other day and found this footage of Joytime.

    Brings back so many memories, that’s me and my big sister at the end of the clip singing ‘You are my Sunshine’ 🙂

  35. All I can say is get a life ANONYMOUS , You need to go out more.

    • out everynight just like listening to the deluded luvvy types on here chatting shite. dont tell me your another one of aunty dorothys “grand finalists” that went on to great things……j is for joytyime its in my heart we love it ya know when dorothy farts norman looks like he needs a drink coz on the stage it does f****n stink… the rest will come to me soon now do one tosser

  36. Anonymous I can smell you from here,you smelly tosser Go and stand on the stage at vale park, and do what you have always wonted to do fart like Dot Trafford. then your will make your day ,just do it will ya.

    • ha ha ha ha a birkenhead mong the truth hurts and you goons dont like it keep it going sucker and i will reel you in…………tramp

  37. ” wonted ” whats up tip rat didnt you like school

  38. Anonymous thank you . You fell right into my net . rats get everywhere and this one;s everywhere you are, keep lookin at all your men buddys when your out getting a life sicko Have a Joyous day .HA HA HA HA LOL.

  39. Frankly my dear,i do;nt give a dam. /

    • such a common name is smith. no wonder england is is in a mess with smiths serious blinkered views on life go and choke smith you common tramp

  40. dear joytime
    i have changed over what i have seen in the past couple of year in joytime i have also learned to forgive and forget. plus i have improved on my skills after being tested in joytime but this year i am really going to pull it off because i am now a senior! whoo well good bye farewell and see you this summer.

  41. hiya joytime it so if ur gonna improve it how about doin some events like last year ide love to find that chick checker oh well do what u want im not bothered bye

  42. Joytime was started before vale park. Norman and Dorothy performed from the back of a truck that opened up as a stage. They performed for the underprivileged children in the parks across Liverpool . It was not an easy job so they where very happy when they went to vale park. In those days it was two shows per day, six days a week. I think they paid their dues and also the hidden monument behind the bandstand should be cleaned and placed in view.let people see it.

    • maybe so but most of the posts on here are making out they went on to do great things. anyway the idiot who runs it now should be sacked hes useless. send him cockling at high tide the waster. by the way norman told me once when he was a postman he was going to vote N.F. as there were too many “bloody foriegners here” wonder what they would make of that today

  43. I loved joy time. Great for kids like me. Also think Aaron is doing a great job resurecting it. More than any of you muppets

    • bollox aaron is shite hes so wooden you could paint the prick with “ronseal” stop sticking up for him you little creep. hes getting money for old rope none of the kids like the little maggot

  44. For those who enjoyed Joytime. I went as a child for many years, won the Junior Talent at the Floral, but not the Senior. Did one summer season in the 80’s with my brothers and sister and really enjoyed it. I was sitting with comedian John Evans on the Canberra some years back and we both sang J is for Joytime, everyone was most surprised that we could remember it. Aunty Dorothy was a kind lady to us and after Norman died, gave me his big suitcase of sheet music. I remember working with Mandy and Claire, Helen (our pianist) Joanne and Beverly, Lisa Bowden and a young man called Chris…. he sang.

    It was unsophisticated by today’s standards, but I think more wholesome than hanging out on the streets or shopping. I’m certain those who worked there over the years gave a lot of joy and pleasure to children, and a couple of hours rest for the parents.

    Thanks to anyone who was involved. Sharon

  45. what a venomous site glad i dont live in Wallasey anymore if that hwt its like there.

  46. must learn to type better though lol

  47. Anonymours. feel very sorry for you. You are a very sad, lost person whom obviously does not have a life. Whoever hurt you, get over it and stop blaming happy people with happy memories. You are bitter and full of hatred. go get some help from a doctor so you can recover and smile again. good luck.

  48. It’s good to hear “Joytime” is continuing in Vale Park! I went there regularly as a child in the 50s and had many happy hours there in school holidays. I remember Uncle Norman and Aunty Dorothy well – wasn’t there an Aunty Sarah too? My best friend and I, Monica Johnston, went in for one of the talent contests there and got through to the final, singing “Clementine” ! How tastes have changed nowadays! We bought identical dresses of blue flowered cotton with full skirts – we thought we were the bees knees!! Good, clean fun and I hope the new series is similar. Very best wishes for their success.

  49. What obnoxious little trolls this site has. Is there not an administrator to remove these pointless, sarcastic, puerile comments? They add nothing that is worth reading. I personally would remove their comments and thus remove their voice.

    Aside from the above, an interesting nostalgic trip.

    • well u read them shitty arse

    • wallasey resident sounds like a right snooty twat perhaps wallasey resident is upset that liscard is full of scruffy benefit tramps and cheap shops. as for the comments on here most of them are very get yourself off to poundland wallasey resident and buy yourself a sense of humour you stuck up piece of shit

  50. I seem to remember around 1980 a newspaper report that Karen Wong had died in a car crash in Hong Kong. Does anyone remember the female singer (she was very good) early 70s who got to the Floral Pavillion but caused a few ruffled feathers in the first rounds when she shouted ‘sock it to em Norman’. I think her name was Karen.

    • yeah it was Karen Santino she was an adult model rumour was norman give her one to get her into the grand final

  51. I was born next to vale park my brothers and sisters grew up in vale park. my sisters and I entered talent time many times. I loved the chegwins! we used to que at the front of the stage to get picked to perform on stage, aunty Dorothy and uncle Norman gave an enormous amount of joy to all of us who grew up in that era.
    I performed in the ken Dodd challenge trophy aged about 6 or 7 I think at the floral pavilion singing morning town ride by the seekers! which is funny as I emigrated to australia

  52. I have been trying to contact Helen McKeon hopefully my details could be passed on

  53. I know you have marggi don’t bother I’ve never forgiven you for what you said your a nasty cow I hope you rot in hell bitch

  54. Pointless, sarcastic, puerile comments?

  55. Summer sensations has now gone back to the name Joytime x

  56. fully agree I doubt the council will let it run on its a pure waste of money

  57. nadine bill with keith chegwin on big brakfast

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