Plenty To Do This Summer…

With the Open having been and gone, the summer is still far from over as far as events around Wirral are concerned.

Looking at the leaflet in front of me, I can see that today marks the first of this year’s “Summer Sensations Children’s Talent Show” at Vale Park, New Brighton. People of a certain age (including myself) will be more likely to remember this as Joytime. It’s the usual thing, bribe the kids to get on stage and do a party piece, each day’s winner goes to the semi final on Friday, the winner of that goes to the Floral Pavillion on Saturday, 30th September. Just don’t let them sing the Neighbours theme tune like my brother and I did one year. (Daily from 3pm to 5pm)
The 26th and 27th see a two day children’s event at Ness Gardens, with numerous activities planned. (26th & 27th July, 10.30am to 4pm)

This Sunday (July 30th), we have the Wirral Historic Vehicle Rally, which starts at Bromborough’s Village Hotel and takes in a lunch break at Thornton Hough, before ending in Port Sunlight. (Phone 0151 647 6780 for details)

All this and more before August 5th and 6th’s Wirral Show, with all the usual happenings. More details when they come in.

If you know of anything else, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we’ll feature the event.


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