New Brighton’s New Club

Found on my MySpace:

Ahoy there all Nauticalists

With only 14 days left til Nautical sets sail at the Fort Perch Rock, we think it’s time all of our passengers got prepared for the Oceanic-Indie rock fest that is nearly upon us. If you haven’t got a ticket now then do so, before the Indie Pirates swoop and get them all. The bounty on the head of the tickets is £6 for the launch night, or an assortment of Pieces of Eight if you can’t manage the cash. Tickets can be obtained from many reputable, and some disreputable characters, not least Piccadilly Box Office, St. John’s Centre, Liverpool. Also, the scurvy dogs at the Fort itself are selling tickets, between the hours of 12 noon and five bells on Saturdays and Sundays. Or, if you’re a techno-loving Landlubber, you can purchase your tickets online at (not as previously suggested!).

The launch night features a live set from local boys Zuko, who may well bring the mysterious Pigman along with them, followed by the homecoming of exiles A Love Supreme, bringing with them their unique brand of 60s infused, jazz-tilted rock.
And, as if that wasn’t enough, Nautical hosts headliners The Seal Cub Clubbing Club: with the ink on their record deal barely dry, the Wirral-aliens will bring a fitting crescendo to the first night’s live set with their soaring swath of Hawaiian angst Indie. All this will be accompanied by live visuals, and Nautical’s own DJs – The Legs, The Face and The Hair (along with special guest DJ returning from Club NME duties) – will have you rocking til 2 am.

Wether it’s your first time on the open waves, or you’re a grizzled old sea veteran, Nautical is sure to set some fires burning on the Mersey waves on August 5th. Wars have raged; battles have been fought; blood has been spilled; cannons have bben fired and invasions quashed…but this Summer, a different fire is to burn within the walls of the great Fort: Nautical…

Nautical’s MySpace can be found here, so get along there.


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