Wirral Show Schedule

So the big attractions for Saturday and Sunday’s Wirral Show are the Household Cavalry and the White Helmets motorcycle display team. Here’s the full arena programme (From Wirral‘s website):

Arena Programme for Saturday 5th August 2006
11.30 Terry Large Falcon display
11.55 Joseph’s Amazing Camels
12.40 Tom and Tilly (novelty act)
13.15 Black Knights parachute display Team
13.30 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
14.10 West Lancs Dogs Team
14.35 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
15.10 Terry Large Falcon display
15.25 Joseph’s Amazing Camels
15.55 Hawk Aircarft Display
16.10 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
16.50 West Lancs Dog Team
17.00 Tom and Tilly
17.15 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
17.50 West Lancs Dogs Team

Arena Programme for Sunday 6th August 2006
12.00 Terry Large Falcon display
12.30 West Lancs Dogs Team
13.15 Black Knights parachute display Team
13.40 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
14.00 West Lancs Dogs Team
14.40 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry
15.15 Terry Large Falcon display
16.00 Hawk Aircraft display
16.20 Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team
16.50 Musical Ride of the Household Cavalry

The show is on the Dips at New Brighton on Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th of August.


First Homes Go At East Float Mills

From the Wirral Globe:

THE SPECTACULAR £19m restoration of East Float Mill at Wallasey had potential buyers camping out through the night to secure their new home.

A queue stretching more than 100 metres formed ahead of the official launch of the first phase of the landmark development by leading developer Gregor Shore and resulted in half of the 53 apartments, worth nearly £4m, being snapped up on the evening.

First to buy was Jack Dutton-Roberts, 19, of Birkenhead. He said: “I arrived here at 11am the previous day to make sure I was at the front of the queue.

Joytime Memories

While looking through the blog’s stats the other day, I noticed someone had arrived here via a search for “Joytime Wirral”. So I did a search, which revealed precious little information. Some information follows:

Started in 1953 by Norman Trafford and his wife, Dorothy Carr (later known as Aunty Dorothy and Uncle Norman), Joytime ran for 45 years, becoming the longest running childrens show of it’s kind. One of the main features of the show was the talent contest, which spawned hoardes of kids almost rushing the stage every day for their five minutes of fame. The winner of each day’s contest went on to the final on Friday, with Friday’s winner going on the the Grand Final at New Brighton’s Floral Pavillion at the end of the summer.

Along the years, Joytime started off many stars, including Keith Chegwin, Janice Long and Sonia as well as thousands of children who just had a fun time, such as my brother and I with our rendition of both the Neighbours theme tune and Rolf Harris’ Two Little Boys. We never got to the final.

Aunty Dorothy continued with the show until ill health forced her to stop in 1997, winning the British Empire Medal in 1992. She passed away in 1998. The show continues to this day as “Summer Sensations”, still on Vale Park’s bandstand.

If you have any memories of the show or information on it’s history, please comment on this post. This is a fantastic bit of Wirral’s history, which brought joy to thousands of children over the years, and needs to be documented.

Woodside To Be Overhauled.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s development news comes this story from icLiverpool:

AMBITIOUS proposals for a complete overhaul of the Birkenhead seafront opposite Liverpool’s Three Graces have been revealed.

It follows lengthy research by planning consultants who were brought in by Wirral Council two years ago to develop a “masterplan” for the Woodside area.

The land near the Birkenhead ferry landing stage is seen by Wirral Council as offering “one of the World’s most recognisable and spectacular views – that of the Liverpool waterfront”.

Most of the details have been kept under wraps for now, but one of the main features is a high quality hotel.

More good stuff, maybe things are (finally) turning around for our area.

160 new flats for East Float Mills

Plans have been submitted for a 19 storey residential tower at East Float Mills on Wallasey’s Dock Road. The new building would hold 160 flats.

This area seriously needs investment of this kind, a 19 storey tower can only be the start. With some bars and restaurants added, along with some office space, Wirral’s dock system could undergo the kind of regeneration currently being enjoyed by our neighbours across the river.

We’ll keep you updated on the plans.

Plenty To Do This Summer…

With the Open having been and gone, the summer is still far from over as far as events around Wirral are concerned.

Looking at the leaflet in front of me, I can see that today marks the first of this year’s “Summer Sensations Children’s Talent Show” at Vale Park, New Brighton. People of a certain age (including myself) will be more likely to remember this as Joytime. It’s the usual thing, bribe the kids to get on stage and do a party piece, each day’s winner goes to the semi final on Friday, the winner of that goes to the Floral Pavillion on Saturday, 30th September. Just don’t let them sing the Neighbours theme tune like my brother and I did one year. (Daily from 3pm to 5pm)
The 26th and 27th see a two day children’s event at Ness Gardens, with numerous activities planned. (26th & 27th July, 10.30am to 4pm)

This Sunday (July 30th), we have the Wirral Historic Vehicle Rally, which starts at Bromborough’s Village Hotel and takes in a lunch break at Thornton Hough, before ending in Port Sunlight. (Phone 0151 647 6780 for details)

All this and more before August 5th and 6th’s Wirral Show, with all the usual happenings. More details when they come in.

If you know of anything else, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we’ll feature the event.

Big Profits from the Open

Looks like my informer was proved wrong about the Open bringing in money; From icLiverpool:

Businesses across the region raked in hefty profits with spectators spending £8m in the Hoylake area alone.

The golfers themselves spent £1.27m in the local area while visiting media spent £4m. Ken Davies, chief executive of Wirral’s Chamber of Commerce, said: “We estimated Wirral would see around £80m of investment from tourists and guests.

“While we’re still in the early stages of counting profits, it looks like we’ve certainly exceeded that by quite a way.

In other Open news, various sources are reporting that Hoylake will once again host the tournament within a decade, with 2013 the most likely year.